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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  August 8, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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breaking news tonight involves a police search on the way right now in connection of a missing bay area woman. good evening i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and i'm frank somerville. police have identified the search of a missing person. the person of interest is randy alana. this is his booking photo we received just over an hour ago. the 53-year-old is a convicted sex offender and is missing
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right now. he was last seen with sandra coke the. we go to eric rasmussen. >> reporter: police tell us they will be searching by land and by water. this could go on all night long. we have detectives out here. search and rescue teams even members of the fbi. police confirmed a man sandra coke once dated is a person of interest. he is in custody but they have not said if he's the one that gave them the information that led them here tonight. even though it's after dark. police say they launched this search as soon as they learned this might be where they could find sandra coke. the 50-year-old woman from oakland as been missing since sunday evening. >> we're still treating this as a missing person we're also
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looking at this from an angle if there is foul play involved. >> reporter: police also confirmed they've identified 56- year-old randy alana as a person of interest. alana who has prior convictions of kidnap and rape was picked up a few days ago. he had recently contacted alana. tonight police revealed alana had been seen with coke the night of the disappearance. >> i can't share with you where, if they were in a vehicle, a commercial establishment or at a private residence. >> reporter: alana was seen on surveillance video using coke's credit card putting gas in her car. coke's mini cooper was found in oakland earlier this week even as detectives with opd major crime's homicide unit left for vallejo. a friend of coke tried to remain hopeful.
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>> reporter: -- >> sandra is a very positive person. so i hope they're going out there to find her alive. >> reporter: we're told as many as 50 maybe even more could be involve in this search that is expected to go on as long as it takes they say. possibly all night tonight. i just heard from an officer out here who told me, they may be able to give us a briefing. if we get any new information at this hour, we will bring it to you live. the mother of a baby boy shot to death in oakland earlier this week spoke out and says he does not any trouble at her son's funeral. alicia johnson met family and friends to light candles. the boy was shot and killed as they were sleeping. >> do not wear black to my son's funeral. do not come with violence, do not come with guns, do not come with bullets because i will be
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the one to put you out. >> reporter: the funeral is a week from tomorrow. we checked with oakland police this afternoon about the investigation. they say they have nothing new to report. san jose police have a man under arrest in connection with the fatal shooting of a college student this past weekend. the 19-year-old aspiring nurse was a passenger in the car when bullets started flying. maureen naylor live with new information and images from witnesses and the trauma left behind, maureen. >> reporter: late today police released this photo of a san jose man who is now booked here at the main jail. he's accused in the homicide of a young bay area woman who dreamed of becoming a nurse. tonight johnny lozano faces murder charges. kimberly chico was simply an innocent victim. the passenger in a car when bullets started flying in the air. this software engineer says the shooting happened just feet
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from his family's front porch. >> we were sleeping and woken up by eight or 10 shots. it just went bang, bang, bang, bang. >> reporter: his neighbor also heard the gunshots. >> they were nine or 10 because i counted them afterward on my fingers. >> reporter: he simply can't get out of his head what he saw and heard next. >> her left shoulder against the curb of the sidewalk. and there was another lady who was over her just pleading with her to live. to stay alive. >> reporter: kimberly chico grew up in east san jose and graduated in 2012. >> it's very tragic this young lady was murdered. our family goes out to her family. they're taking it very hard. our detectives are taking this case very hard. because that could have been anybody driving down the street and catching a stray bullet. >> reporter: an experienced metro officer working overtime on patrol with the gang
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suppression unit spotted lozano yesterday in south san jose and made the arrest. >> not a lot of bullets have names on them and they go to the wrong people and it's very violent out here in san jose and i'm glad they made an arrest. >> reporter: police tell us they found lozano with a loaded firearm. they are now running tests to see if that could be the same one that was used in the shooting and they have not yet ruled out that the initial shooting could have been gang related. reporting live tonight in san jose, maureen naylor. we have new video tonight of the end of the police chase in downtown san jose. the santa clara police sheriff said he was near college city. the passenger in the car was arrested but the driver ran. a police canine found him inside a near by restaurant. now to our continuing coverage of the b.a.r.t. labor dispute and the negotiations that started at 10:00 this morning. we just got off the phone with
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a b.a.r.t. spoke's woman. she said the two sides met all day and called it a night within the past half hour. a union negotiator said they're prepared to call a strike if a deal is not reached. a b.a.r.t. spokeswoman says there's still a lot of work to be done. the talks are scheduled to be resumed at 10:00 tomorrow morning. the board of inquiry has not yet submitted its findings in this matter. we learned that the board will file its report electronically. the governor is expected to make his decision shortly after he receives it by law the board must report to the governor within seven days from the time the that the panel was formed. that would be about 10:00 this sunday night. four bay area families
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filed a lawsuit today after suffering injuries in the crash of asiana crash 214. this case is a bit different than the three other lawsuits already filed. ktvu's david stevenson spoke to the attorney involved and tells us what's at stake. there are already at least three other lawsuits filed on behalf of survivors of the asiana plane crash. but the one filed today is a first. >> this is the most detailed complaint about what happened today. >> reporter: frank petrie represents four families that were on board the flight. four passengers ranging from elderly to young children. >> they go injuries ranging from spine injuries, head to neck injuries. >> reporter: it alleges asiana
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and boeing rushed pilots through training. the suit also faults asiana offering seat belts in first class to lap belts in economy. >> it was just a chamber of horrors and turned their whole lives upside down. >> reporter: a spokesperson for boeing declined comment on the suit. lawyers for asiana did not return our calls. at san francisco international airport, david stevenson, ktvu news. there's a push in congress to get pilots a better warning system that would alert the cockpit crew when a plane is
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flying dangerously close. jackie spier spoke out. >> i fear that the faa could take years to complete the study. >> a vote is expected sometime next month. classes were cancelled tonight in skyline college in san bruno because of a report of a man with a gun. an armed man was seen in a park along sweeney ridge which is right behind the campus. the college went into lock down around 8:30 as authorities searched the area. they didn't find anyone and lifted the lock down at around 8:30. this is the last day of summer classes and it's not clear if those classes are going to be rescheduled. three people were taken to stanford hospital tonight after their car was hit by a train. it happened not far from the caltrain station just after 6:00. trains in both directions were temporarily stopped while the
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car was removed. a lot of passengers as you might imagine experienced some lengthy delays. so far no word why that car was stopped on the tracks. bay area crews are answering the request for help. the silver fire began about 20 miles west of palm springs. firefighters from san mateo and santa cruz are going to help crews. as many as 100 homes are threatened. so far the fire has burned at least 15 structures including homes and injured four fire fighters and one civilian. right now officials say it's 20% contained. a controversial south bay club now opened for business. why critics fear it will bring more than bikini clad people to
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the neighborhood. i think this is a pain in the butt. >> the change that annoyed some fans and sent many back to their cars.
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the fans were back today at candle stick park for the 49ers first preseason game. along with excitement and team pride, there were new rules on hand. those rules were stricter security measures starting at
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tonight's preseason games, only certain bags were allowed. cara liu is live in san francisco with how fans reacted to this new policy. >> reporter: as you said the bags must be clear and no larger than 12 by 12 by 6- inches as well as a smaller bag about the size of a clutch. the nfl says that's for safety as well as to speed up the process. >> reporter: many fans anxious to see the first game of the 49ers last season at candle stick -- >> big bags like that, backpack like that are not allowed in. >> reporter: were surprised by the new nfl games. niners fans who alived with bronco fans said she was frustrated by the extra time it took to go all the way back to put their belongings into plastic bags and dump their purses in the car.
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>> do you need a bag? how many do you need? >> i think this is a pain in the butt. seriously. i mean they can't expect you a woman to have all their stuff in a clutch or a four by eight or whatever it is. there's no way. >> kind of a privacy issue also. i think that a lot of women don't want to have other stuff beared to all and that's probably one of the purpose of the purse. >> reporter: as they were leaving, fans told us that the new measures did not slow anything down, in fact, sped things up. >> whoever got a bag went by fast, and those who didn't, you were set aside and you had to show your stuff. >> reporter: it is best to check online before you head out to a game or better yet travel light. the bag policy will also be in effect for the raiders raiders
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game tomorrow night on the other side of the bay. cara liu, ktvu news. >> for details now on the new bag policy. here is a list of items that are banned, big purses, backpacks, coolers and diaper bags. however small clutches or bags approximately the size of your hand are allowed. another option is using one of those clear plastic gallon sized we saw on cara's story. keep in mind, medical items are exempt. and there's a new -- today marked the store's soft opening. the official grand opening party will be a week from this saturday. >> i think this year you know there's a lot of excitement around the team. so definitely needed the store. it's pretty exciting especially right here in santa clara. with the new stadium going in and all that stuff. >> reporter: the team will open another store in the westfield
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san francisco shopping center. the original store is in palo alto. so how did the niners do in their first preseason game? joe inglis joins us in sports. a man reaches across and uses a stun gun on the clerk behind the counter. he then runs out with a couple of cans of soda and a few other item. we're told that clerk was not seriously hurt. it's now believed that a kidnapping suspect may be traveling with a missing teenager and a car full of explosives. an amber alert was placed for
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the teenager who is traveling with dimaggio. investigators have not said why he is believed to have boobie trapped his car. a s.w.a.t. team shot and killed a man who may have just murdered a woman. ktvu's robert handa reports on the strange circumstances that led officers there and the history of domestic violence at that home. sunny vale public safety officers and s.w.a.t. team surrounded the home at around 8:30. >> he called the dispatch center and indicated he killed someone inside the residence. >> reporter: as you will soon hear, one warning from officers led to gunfire. >> all of a sudden i heard,
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pop, pop, pop. four or five really quick short shots. loud and i knew something was wrong. >> reporter: shortly after ward, neighbors came out of the houses wondering what happened. >> i heard the guy murdered a wife. that's what i heard. i think there's two dead bodies in the house. >> reporter: later investigators confirmed two deaths without identification. >> the individual was pronounced dead at the scene. we did confirm there was another dead body in the residence. >> it's a sad tragic thing that normally doesn't happen in sunny vale. >> reporter: public records show officers arrested someone else here last saturday. in sunny vale, robert handa, ktvu challenge two news. safeway has issued an
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eviction notice for a recycler at their store. the supermarket chain says curb side recycling makes such centers obsolete. supporters of the center say it's a valuable community service and will make it harder for homeless people who use if center as a source of income. according to the posted eviction notice it must go by september 6th. the clouds cleared near the coast. but already pushing back into the bay. in fact, you can see our time lapse from the 7:00 hour this evening already the clouds rushing back into our picture. right now partly to mostly cloudy skies. first thing tomorrow morning, our forecast model. some pretty steady drizzle and shower right near the coastline. you're going to have some wet roadways with cloud cover and patchy drizzle. overnight lows will be in the 50s out there. santa rosa 51 degrees.
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san francisco 53, lots of cloud cover and possibly that mist or a few light showers toward pacifica and ocean beach. coming up in just under a half an hour, we will break down the warmest day of the coming weekend. we will also let you know when the drizzle moves out of the area. animal control officers captured the little guy yesterday at noe valley school. they believe it's the same marmit that's been eluding them for weeks. they hope to return it to the mountains in time for winter hibernation. how much tv is too much? the lifelong impact in extra hour of television may have on toddlers. attorney general eric holder is headed to the bay area. why he's said to make a big announcement here and why it may have to do with marijuana. >> this is like the super bowl
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of concerts. a huge concert is set to get under way, as bad lands is -- ♪ ♪ looks like you started to make something. ♪
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u.s. attorney general eric holder is set to make a big announcement next week right here in the bay area. there are indications that he might announce new policies that soften the federal government's posture toward marijuana cases and minor drug offenses. new at 10:00, jana katsuyama live at san francisco's mosconi center where the attorney general is set to appear at a convention of lawyers, jana. >> reporter: that's right frank. the american bar association's annual meeting started today here at the masconi center. as you mentioned the u.s. attorney general is scheduled to speak on monday and that's when this anticipated possible roll out of new federal policies on low level drug crimes. the issue of marijuana use is a point of tension between federal and state laws.
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in california, medical marijuana has been legal since 1996. >> i think spending federal or even local law enforcement resources on marijuana is a tremendous waste. i think we should focus on violent crime and things like that. >> reporter: marijuana law is the topic of some sessions at the american bar association convention. and there's talk that u.s. attorney general eric holder might roll out new federal policies in his speech monday. in an npr report, the attorney general is quoted as saying, we can certainly change our enforcement authority so we have some control in that way. the question is, how much change. marijuana becoming legal. just this past november voters in colorado and washington legalized recreational marijuana use. and in some states, marijuana possession is simply a misdemeanor with a fine. >> we can't treat low level
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drug offenders one way by the states, whether it's diversion, whether it's treatment in lieu of conviction and then the federal government would treat them another way. >> reporter: some say with the problem of prison overcrowding there should be more restrictions. >> i think there's the sense throughout the state that incarceration is not the answer. >> reporter: i did put a call in to the attorney general in washington, d.c., but with the time difference, i have not receive add call back. jana katsuyama, ktvu news. possession of the drug for personal use is a misdemeanor. cultivation of marijuana, possession for sale and sale of marijuana are felonies with one exception, people with written approval from a physician and a
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county issued marijuana card can legally possess and cultivate marijuana. crews were pouring a concrete foundation for four steel seismic saddles. cables will run through the saddles to hold the deck down. construction should be finished by december. the b.a.r.t. extension is getting another $40 million in state funding. the california transportation commission approved the funding for construction of the 10-mile bariesta extension. current work includes utility relocation. this is the fifth of sixth installments for that project. the project is on track and will stimulate the economy and
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improve rail access. dozens of people arrested tonight. the reason they were taken away. plus -- >> a controversial new bar opens up here in the south bay tonight. find out what restrictions it may face in an opponent gets his way. >> the makers of you tube are back. the new video they're launching that could give vine and instagram a run for their money. >> an all out search happening now for a woman missing since monday. the area this team is now covering and the break it is giving officers.
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returning now to our breaking news where detectives are heading to vallejo in the search for a missing woman.
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eric rasmussen is at the command center, you just learned more from the command center. >> reporter: take a look at what's going on behind me. we're here at the solano county fairground in vallejo. this is part of the area investigators are searching. all the people here are with the contra costa county search team. even members from the fbi are out here in this search tonight. police estimate more than 50 people could be involved in this search for 50-year-old sandra coke. of course she's the oakland woman who has been missing since sunday. organizers here say they got the request for help from oakland police a little bit 6:00 this evening. in the last hour they've sprung into action. they tell us they're covering about a three square mile area out here. >> boundaries with 180 on one side and vallejo on the other side. there's a lake or two within
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the search area. there's a large park. there's discovery kingdom is part of the area. the solano county fairgrounds is part of the area. which is where our staging area is now. >> reporter: police had identified 56-year-old randy alana as a person of interest in sandra coke's disappearance. and they even said coke and alana who dated more than 20 years ago were seen together on friday night. and that's significant because that's the last time her family saw her. police will not identify that
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the search of alana had anything to do with the disappearance of coke. the family has been desperately searching for sandra coke since he disappeared on sunday night. this search is just getting going. they're tells us they're not using divers at this point. that's something they could decide to go after tomorrow when they have daylight. for now this search will go on until further notice. we're live in vallejo, eric rasmussen, ktvu news. new at 10:00, a controversial bar in the south bay is now open for business. the gold club is a by bikini bar. the new business opened today in san jose. one city council member is taking action. amber. >> reporter: frank, the gold club is located inside this building behind me. we can see security and patrons out front. neighbors tell me they're concerned about the criminal element this business may bring
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into this area. tonight we saw a line of patron that paid $20 to get inside. i asked if i could shoot images inside. today's special guest is katie moorland a porn star. there were two women in bikinis pole dancing on opposite side of the room. men and women were seated in small round tables. alcohol is served so no one under 21 is allowed. >> we have windows facing directly across the stage. >> what do you think? >> i'm actually surprised that a business like this was permitted by the city to open yeah in the downtown area. >> it's a business and it generates money to the city that's great.
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i just don't want any negative. >> reporter: a ban on lap dancing an table top dancing. he says clubs like these often attract crimes such as robbery and assault. >> we know that clubs like this involve a lot of people walking around with cash. usually men early in the evening and women late in the evening. >> the city council is expected to discuss and debate the proposed restrictions in a few weeks. reporting live in downtown san jose, amber lee, ktvu news. david campo said 157 weapons were taken off the streets tonight in a gun buy back. people in cars lined up to turn in guns. people could get $250 for semi automatic weapons. unite here local two says
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san francisco police arrested 31 protesters tonight outside the le meridien hotel outside the financial district. dozens of demonstrators from unite here local 2 turned up for today's protest. they say workers at the le meridien has been trying unsuccessfully to unionize. hotel owners have no public comment on the matter. one of the cofounders of you tube are back with a new video. the new misfit app lets people edit videos up to an hour long. sailing through the airport for a price. how much you'll have to pay for the luxury to rush through security. the weekend is almost here and it is looking good.
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our meteorologist mark tamayo will be back with the complete bay area forecast. it's a music festival but also a food festival. how outside lands will entertain and feed 60,000 people this week.
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organizers are putting the finishing touches on the big outside lands music festival in san francisco. hundreds of thousands of fans are expected to see the show on golden gate park on friday, saturday and sunday. but as ktvu's john sasaki tells us some park neighbors aren't so eager for all that fun to begin. >> reporter: this is the outside lands main stage in san francisco. dozens of people are getting ready which this year includes
10:40 pm
paul mccartny. >> he's certainly the biggest headliner we've ever had. it's exciting, this is the f irst -- we've been trying to get mccartney here. this is like the super bowl of concerts. >> reporter: it's not just music to enjoy, there's also a lot of food from the area. this vendor says he does 10% of his annual business on this weekend. >> this event makes our year. this is it. >> reporter: it's like christmas. >> it's like christmas. >> reporter: one stage is powered by solar and diesel power. >> they block all the driveways.
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no tenants can leave or go home. >> what spills out on to the street is drunken mayhem. and it's not fun for the residents. >> reporter: the gates open at 11:00 tomorrow morning. the music starts at noon. paul mccarney who i can hear playing a sound check right now is the headliner tomorrow night. john sasaki, ktvu news. you can check out our website for much more on the outside land's concert. we have a preview of recommended acts to catch throughout the weekend. it's right there under the hot topic session on in news of the world tonight, record heat across much of china in shanghai the mercury reached 105 degrees. that's the hottest temperature there since records have been kept. zoo keepers are trying to keep panda's comfortable with air conditioner, water and a
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special diet. the festival is a time for gathering with family and friends paying respect to ancestors and sharing several meals. the celebration happens tomorrow night because of differences in the way the lunar calendar is reconned. president obama is expected to ax questions about the recent terror alert curse an afternoon news conference tomorrow at the white house. he assured reporters today after a meeting with the greek prime minister that he would be answered all of their questions tomorrow. the news conference is scheduled for noon pacific time. the president leaves for a nine day vacation on martha's vineyard in massachusetts after that. tired of those long security lines at the airport. we'll show you the new program that could help speed things up. don't feel so bad if you did not win the power ball jackpot. see how your ticket is helping california's future.
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i went, whoo. ran around the office and everybody was like, what happened what happened? what happened is that white won the jackpot from minneapolis. there were five second place california winners. including an orange county who's been out of work for two years. power ball is just a few months old here in california but lottery officials say it is already beating sales expectations. ken pritchett tells us how much california schools tend to gain from the lottery downfall. >> reporter: the winners of the power ballot reu -- power ball
10:46 pm
lottery are not just those who took the win fall. because schools also get money. >> those estimates are obviously very conservative because you can't really plan for a 400, 500, $600 million jackpot. >> reporter: higher ticket sales have driven revenue up 540 to 600% of sales for this time of year. it's a relatively small amount in the whole school budget, but still it's needed money. >> a lot of times it's keeping books in the school library, it could be putting a computer lab in. it could be even you know, basically wiring a building. it could be a number of things. it could be saving a music program. >> reporter: with such huge jackpots why would power ball only be expected to bring about $50 million to education? that's because power ball was
10:47 pm
expected to help other lottery games. new research find too much television time for toddlers can actually lead to learning deficits later on in childhood. a study found every extra hour of television watched daily at 21 months of age is linked to diminish vocabulary, math and motor skills in kindergarten. the american pediatric association recommend no more than two hours of television a day for children. and temperatures not much of a change for tomorrow. we gradually warm up those numbers later in the period. as far as live tracker number two. we're tracking areas of rainfall. but the one interesting one is out to our east around the reno
10:48 pm
area. flash flooding. a solid deck of overcast right around san francisco. sfo reporting some delays with the air travel there. and some more cloud cover out toward hayward and right around the fremont area. enough drizzle this morning or even a few light showers right at the immediate coastline. sausalito .2 and barely measurable in santa rosa. we could be tracking at least some pretty steady drizzle or at least a chance of a few showers right near the immediate shoreline basically produced by all that fog out there. this area of pressure remains in place. the weather pattern is here to stay for one more day. the drizzle cool to mild weather pattern, 60s, 70s the warmest locations would be approaching the lower 80s. there's a chance of thunder up to our north tomorrow afternoon. basically all day for your friday. we'll be watching out for that. this system moves out of town a little bit by the weekend and
10:49 pm
as a result we begin to warm up those numbers by just a few degrees. no major warm ups showing up on the long range model maps. lots of cloud cover out there. at 9:00 tomorrow morning and then clearing back to near the shoreline. partly cloudy skies. here's a little bit of activity approaching lake county by tomorrow afternoon. with the possibility of lightning strikes, fire danger will be a concern to our north and to our east. forecast highs for tomorrow, those numbers the same as today. santa rosa 78. pleasanton at 80. san jose will go 76. fremont 74 and san francisco the clouds in the morning becoming partly cloudy for the afternoon and day one of outside lands for tomorrow. golden gate park, lots of cloud cover and temperatures only in the upper 50s to the lower 60s. here is the look ahead. your friday forecast with the weekend in view. some drizzle out there then we finally warm up those numbers
10:50 pm
for sunday, monday and tuesday. a new program for faster airport screening could draw 88,000 travelers in the first month. the program will make three lines for those who do not a need to take off shoes. a promotion will get you a free line on the ferry from san francisco to marin county. they're offering free rides during noncommuter hours monday through friday from san francisco to luxford and back again. there's also one midday ferry in one direction on weekend days. free tickets could be downloaded on the district website. fred is here, we're talking 49ers and collin kaepernick at the helm. >> i think we learned something
10:51 pm
tonight. denver's back ups are better than the 49ers back ups. two teams with serious play off hopes. kap was a perfect four for four passing on the day. kaepernick also completed two passes to newcomer bolden and showed he can still scramble. 6yards here, four down. 49ers settle for a field goal. collin's day was done after one series. backups got crunched by the denver bronco's back ups. sean phillips for the 9 yards. denver scores the only touchdown of the game it's 7-3. 49ers add three more turnovers. jenkins makes his only catch of the game.
10:52 pm
denver recovers, they win 10-6. both defenses look better than two offenses and peyton manning he barely worked up a sweat. and former tampa bay defensive back wright promptly put eric on the disabled list. they could use him. tiger has a bad day at the office and the giants finally look like world series champs again. even if it's just for one day. giants and golf coming up.
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at at&t park is supposed to be the tenth man for the giants but it has not been doing its job. they were 29-29 at home starting today. then suddenly the ghost of the 2012 world series shows up. is that collin kaepernick? i don't think so. 49,000 fans still show up. brewers pitcher donovan han gets beaten the first. the giants first homer in 12 games. tim lincecum strikes out eight brewers in eight innings,
10:56 pm
that's good pitching. they go 4-1. what a strange ten days it's been for rosales. waived by the athletics, claimed by texas. but never played an inning for texas. now the a's reclaim the slugger. and final major tournament the pga championship. 99 of the top 100 golfers including tiger is at oak hill country club. wood started in the back nine. 2-1 to par after nine. burr on this final hole of the day the ninth. tiger hit the beach. he had a tough time getting out. not a happy guy as he finishes with a double bogey. shot a one over 71.
10:57 pm
both tiger and phil mickelson are six shots off the lead. aging veteran ties on the lead on the seventh hole of his day. adam scott are tied at five under 65. but there's three more round to go. that is sports as we see it. giants win, a's are idle. beat the 49ers back ups 10 to six. >> raiders and matt flint. >> absolutely. it'll be on our station. >> thanks mark. >> and thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. before we go a live look at the police command center. thousands are conducting a search for sandra coke. she's the woman missing from oakland. >> we will stay on top of developments. we will also postupdates on twitter and as well as mobile ktvu. for all that's here tonight, thanks for watching.
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